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GRANITONE™ decorative spray coating appeal is highly recommended for wall and ceilings that requires the shade of natural granite finished texture.

The desired finish gives a natural surrounding on your exterior or interior decoretion. It is not easy to tell the difference between GRANITONE™ texture and the natural granite or stone finish that gives off a near perfect resemblance. And you get a "light weight" that do not hang precariously of fall off dangerously like loose and broken heavy granite or stone tiles.

It provides that extra safety at public places. GRANITONE™ has good water and alkaly resistance and can keep a high adhesive strength for a long time.
GRANITONE™ requires little or no maintenance at all.


  • Elegant and durable as real granite
  • Form a hard body texture that is excellent againts scratch and abrasion
  • Excellent weather and fungus resistance combined with high grade Polyurethane, Clear top coat
  • Excellent colour retention due to its usage of natural granite & marble chips
  • Easy clean-up maintenance by using water jet cleaner
  • Environmentally safe
  • Unlimited range of colour and variety of designs
  • More economical compare to real granite/marble or stone
  • Camuflage imperfections surface
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