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Q : What is GRANITONE?
A : GRANITONE is texture based paint that made of granite/marble powder, crystal and granule combined with a special resin that can be applied to the various kinds of surfaces, such as plaster walls, wood, plywood, gypsum board, GRC panel, PC panel (precast concrete) even on the steel surface.

Q : What kind of wall conditions can be applied by GRANITONE?
A : Any kind of flat walls that already fine plastered can be applied with our products. Contact us for further questions or consultation.

Q : Do GRANITONE can be applied to exterior?
A : Yes, GRANITONE was created especially to golve the problem of finishing material that is resistant to weather and can cover the hair cracked / broken egg in the new building and also the other benefit of GRANITONE™ texture is it can camulflage the wave/evenness.

Q : Do GRANITONE can be washed?
A : Yes, GRANITONE can be washed / cleaned with a jet wash cleaner, and if necessary by using a little detergent is okay, because it is coated with a coating polyurethane.

Q : How thick GRANITONE™ texture?
A : The average thickness of GRANITONE is + / - 1 mm to 2.5 mm (depending on the colors and patterns).

Q : Do GRANITONE colour limited only in the Catalog?
A : No, GRANITONE has so many color variations and you can order for special colour (custom) with minimum quantity.

Q : What's the difference between the Classic Series & Deluxe Series?
A : The difference is only in the elements of color only, but quality is same.

Q : Do GRANITONE can be applied by anyone?
A : We suggest that only licenced applicator who has been trained to obtain best results.

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